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Blue Line Charity Program


The Akron Marathon Charitable Corporation partners with local charities to assist with raising awareness and fundraising in conjunction with the Blue Line Charity Program. Charities may receive promotional and financial support by meeting certain requirements, including number of volunteers, number of charity affiliated runners, and money raised in conjunction with the 2015 Akron Marathon event in September.

More information and applications to the Charity Program will be available in 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I run for a Blue Line Charity Partner?

A: When you register to run the Akron Marathon, simply select one of the 10 charities listed.

Q: I registered to run but didn’t choose a charity, is it too late to run for a charity?

A: Not at all! Simply email Katie Kline with your name and we will make the change behind the scenes.

Q: How can I let people know I am fundraising for my charity?

A: With Crowdrise, a fundraiser is able to email potential donors, post to social media sites and keep track of the funds they have raised.

Q: Will registration spots be held for Blue Line Charity Program participants?

A: No, we are unable to hold registration spots.

Q: Will our runners get a discounted race entry as part of the program?

A: No, there is no registration discount for Blue Line Charity Program participants. However, the earlier you register, the better the registration rate will be.

Q: When do runners have to be registered by to run for a Blue Line Charity Partner?

A: All Charity Partner runners must be registered by September 1st.

Q: Is there a cost involved to run for a charity?

A: There is no cost to the charity to run for a Blue Line Charity Partner. However, all runners are asked to fundraise for the cause they have chosen.

Q: How do I fundraise for the charity I am running for?

A: Most Blue Line Charity Partners are using Crowdrise, an online fundraising platform. You can simply join their team on Crowdrise,(LINK), by selecting the Set Up Your Fundraiser button.  From there select Join A Team, next select a charity under the Fundraise For An Official Team heading. Once you have chosen your charity you will then login or create a Crowdrise account. Once you have logged in or created your account you are set up and ready to start fundraising!

Q: Does the Akron Marathon keep any of the money my organization raises?

A: No, all funds raised go directly to the charity. Charities are encouraged to use the online fundraising platform Crowdrise to collect donations online as well as record offline donations.

Q: Are there fees associated with using Crowdrise?

A: Yes, Crowdrise charges 5% + credit card fees (2.9% + .30). These fees cover the administrative costs and credit card fees that Crowdrise incurs for providing this service. These fees come directly out of the donation before the money is sent to the charity.

Q: Some of our donors prefer not to donate online, do their donations by cash or check still count?

A: Absolutely. You are able to log those donations on Crowdrise so they are reflected in your total.